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Toko Toko- All in One Universal Hot Wax (120g)

Toko Toko- All in One Universal Hot Wax (120g)
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Rather than guessing what the weather is going to do, and which wax you are going to use, just get a universal ski wax. Toko All In One Universal Wax works for every weather and snow condition Mother Nature can throw at you. This ecological ski wax is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. The resealable wax case makes it easy to travel with Toko All in One. Slide easily and protect the bases of your skis and snowboard when you use this non fluorinated wax.
Non fluoro ski and snowboard wax
Universal wax for all conditions -30C to 0C (-22F to 32F)
Biodegradable hydrocarbons are environmentally friendly
Recommended iron setting: 130C (270F)
120g (4.23 oz)
Part Number: 550200

Part Numbers

4250423603821 210000045873