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Demo Bike Sale and Rental Bike Sales and extended warranty policy

We sell our demo and rental bikes each year. They are typically used for a few months, and many of them only have a few rides on them.
They are serviced and cleaned regularly. Any damage is noted. The price reflects the condition and age and varies between full price if they are barely used (plus extended warranty) and about 20% off.  

We believe in their integrity so much that demo and rental bikes from Howl carry an additional 2 year warranty that includes wear but not owner damage. They still carry factory warranty as well. We warrant it to be as good or better in function than a new bike!  
There may be small scratches on it and we will try to point those out before purchase, but all the wear parts have a 2 year guarantee, so we believe these bikes to be in new condition mechanically and stand behind that. Free repairs have to be done at Howl but we will work with you on parts if you can't get it here and something goes wrong within the first two years.  

That takes all the risk out of buying a used bike if you don't mind the cosmetic blemishes that come with a few months of use. Typically, demo bikes are for sale starting Labor Day, and fat bikes demos starting in March.