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Cross Country Classic Skis

*Bindings included in the price for Rossignol skis*

*Skis come with bindings The Atomic Redster C8 Skintec is a mid-range skin ski that provides both excellent kick and glide without the need to worry about kick waxing. The kick pocket is easy to compress in a variety of conditions making this ski a reliable option for anyone looking to get out and enjoy classic skiing without the hassle. The C8 also has the Shift-in binding system included for easy kick adjustment on the fly with the turn of a dial. With Skintec it’s super easy to switch skins yourself, choosing between the universal skin (pre-set on the ski) or the speed skin with better glide properties thanks to a race-weaving with longer, smoother hair.
Designed for recreational athletes and racers, the Atomic Redster C5 Skintec Classic Ski with Prolink Shift Pro Binding is one of the most capable classic skis in the Redster range.
Strong, fast, reliable: the Atomic Redster C2 Skintec is the perfect ally for fitness enthusiasts and entry level racers.
ALL HOWL SKIS COME WITH BINDINGS!!! Call us if you have questions 715-779-5561 These great skis for beginners or experienced skiers who want more control in variable conditions. Here is what Atomic says about them: If you’re new to touring or back after a break, Atomic Savor XC Skintec is a great little ski to choose. We say ‘little’ because it’s a little wider and shorter than the Savor Skintec – so it’s easy to turn and easy to snow plow to control your speed. But it still performs really well so you won’t get left behind! The ski comes with a ready-mounted Prolink Shift Plate. It’s also a Skintec ski so no need for kick-waxing. Instead jump on the ski and the Mohair grip zone will give you a perfect ride in all snow conditions and temperatures. In keeping with the general easiness of the ski, Skintec also makes it really simple to change your skins to suit the conditions: with the option of a universal skin (pre-set on the ski) and a grip skin with better grip properties.
ALL HOWL SKIS INCLUDE BINDINGS IN THE PRICE!! Most shops do not include the binding in their price, but who sells skis without bindings? We put bindings on them all. Sizes: Call or email if you need size information. We are open 7 days/week and have skiers ready to help. These are our beginner level skate ski. They are easy to learn on and still sporty and fast if you want to ski race. Here is what Rossignol says: Energize your next skate session with the race-inspired construction of the Delta Sport Skate ski. Designed for recreational and fitness-oriented skiers, the premium low-density wood core blends a user-friendly flex with responsive feel.
ALL SKIS AT HOWL INCLUDE BINDINGS IN THE PRICE!! This is a great skin ski for beginners or experienced skiers who want better control in varied conditions. They are great for snow plowing down hills, cornering, icy conditions, and all around skiing. The width is good for skiing in tracks. We rent them at Howl so you can try them before you buy them. Here is what Rossignol says about them: Kick and glide made easy. The Evo XC 55 R-Skin ski offers beginner skiers a user-friendly, waxless design for exploring winter. The ski's shorter length and wide dimensions enhance stability and maneuverability to cruise winter trails with confidence. Our built-in mohair insert provides all-conditions kick and glide with no prep required. The included Control Step-In bindings add to the ease of use with step-in convenience. Always-Ready Kick and Glide: R-Skin replaceable mohair insert offers an easy, consistent kick and maximum glide with no prep work; Good for 100-150 days on snow
ALL HOWL SKIS COME WITH BINDINGS!!! They are NNN bindings. Call us if you have questions 715-779-5561 These great entry level skis are a core rental ski at Howl. Here is what Atomic says about them: If you’re at the beginning of your cross-country skiing journey, or you’re looking for something nice and friendly for the occasional day, the Atomic Savor XC Grip is the perfect, dependable ski. The Densolite core makes this ski lightweight and exceptionally durable. It’s a slightly wider ski with a broad sidecut making it a stable climber and a fantastic ride in all conditions. And with its versatile grip technology and no-wax pattern milled into the ski base it’s ideal for having fun with no time wasted on waxing! Enjoy the track and be confident as you explore. WEIGHT 560 G / 173 DIMENSIONS SKI SIZE 163 173 183 193 TIP WIDTH (MM) 55 55 55 55 WAIST WIDTH (MM) 49 49 49 49 TAIL WIDTH (MM) 52 52 52 52 TECH FEATURES Grip BI 1500 Touring XCruise Construction Densolite INSIDE ATOMIC SKIS
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