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Camp Kitchen

GSI OUTDOORS Pinnacle Camper
So efficient, so durable, so technically advanced, so colorful – this is the Pinnacle of campsite cooking. And eating, too. Garnet hard, the anodized aluminum pots and frypan are scratch proof and deliver efficient, even heating. Then we add Teflon® with Radiance Technology for amazing non-stick performance, easy cleaning, and amazing heat transfer that reaches temperature 25% faster than other coatings. When it’s time to eat, you’ve got four 14oz mugs with insulated sleeves and sip through lids, four 14oz bowls, and four plates – all color coded so there’s no mix ups. There’s also a pot gripper and our strainer lid for easy draining. And – of course – it all nests together perfectly into the storage bag that doubles as a camp sink. - Scratch-proof hard-anodized aluminum cookware is light, rugged, efficient and even-heating - PFOA-free Teflon® with Radiance Technology delivers incredibly durable non-stick performance - Radiance’s three layer coating reaches temperature 25% faster than other coatings - Easy to clean, seriously scratch resistant, and safe for use with metal utensils - Pots’ and frypan’s spiral-turned bases provide a secure grip on stoves and grills - Crushproof strainer lid holds in heat, makes draining easy - BPA-free mugs, plates, bowls and Sip-It tops are color-coded to prevent inadvertent sharing - 14oz mugs have insulated sleeves to keep drinks warm, sip through lids to minimize spills - Rugged, welded storage sack holds set and doubles as sink or wash basin - Folding pot gripper provides a super secure hold, packs up small for transport - System nests together perfectly for easy transport - Four-person system includes: 3L pot, 2L pot, 9" fry pan, strainer lid, four 14oz mugs with insulated sleeves and sip through lids, four 14oz bowls, four 7.5" plates, folding pot gripper, welded storage bag/sink - Weight (lbs): 3.6300 - Material: Non-Stick Coated, Hard Anodized Aluminum, Clear Polypropylene, Nylon 6-6, Silicone
Eureka Camp Kitchen
Take your camp cooking to new heights with the Camp Kitchen, a handy, multipurpose outdoor cooking station. A large working area stands at a safe and convenient height for meal prep with room for all of your food and cooking accessories. - Take your camp cooking to new heights with the Camp Kitchen, a handy, multipurpose outdoor cooking station. - Place your camp stove on the main platform and foods and accessories on the two side platforms. - Place pots, pans, and dishes to dry on the large wire shelf located underneath the main platform. -Easily level the table on uneven ground using the adjustable, anti-rocking foot. - Convenient carry bag.
Eureka Camp Table
Pull up your chairs and join in the fun with the Camp Table. Generously sized and supporting up to 90 lbs., this sturdy, hard top table is ideal for meals, games, and other camp activities. - Ideal for meals, games, and other camp activities thanks to its generous size. - Easily level the table on uneven ground using the adjustable, anti-rocking foot. - The sturdy, hard-top table surface supports up to 90 pounds. Convenient carry bag. Dimensions : 42 in x 28 in x 27.5 in (107 cm x 71 cm x 70 cm)
GSI OUTDOORS Bugaboo Base Camper Large
A compact and versatile non-stick cook set for family or base camping, the Bugaboo Base Camper offers premium performance at an exceptional value. The pot and lid combo are perfect for stovetop use. Every set includes a 2 pots, a frypan, 2 nylon strainer lids, a dished cutting board for a variety of prep duties, a folding pot handle, and a welded stuff sack to keep everything organized and doubles as a sink for washing. - Large model: Measures 10 x 10 x 6 inches, weighs 3 pounds, 4 ounces, pots and pan size: 5 L and 3 L Pot, 9" Fry Pan - Material: Non-Stick Coated Aluminum, Nylon 6-6, Silicone - Includes: 2 pots, a frypan, 2 nylon strainer lids, cutting board, a folding handle, and stuff/sink sack
GSI OUTDOORS Rakau Knife Set
The Gourmet 3-pc wood-handled knife set includes a compact bamboo cutting board with a juice gutter, a recycled microfiber towel, a soap bottle and a set of three masterfully crafted stainless steel knives with waterproof wood laminate handles. Designed to last for generations. The Chef knife has a Santoku blade with Granton scallops for gracefully thin slicing. The serrated bread knife will tackle the hardest baguette crusts with laser precision, and the paring knife will deftly maneuver through crisp fruit cores. The set is contained in a convenient recycled PET cloth case with an integrated knife sheath to protect and safely manage the blades. 3-piece wood-handled knife set - The dual sided Bamboo cutting board is equipted with gutters and a prep surface of 7" x 11" - Includes knife sharpener and a quick-drying, microfiber dishcloth with a soft, nonabrasive side for delicate items and a rough, scouring side for scrubbing - Protective sheaths ensure safe handling and help maintain sharpness - Weight (lbs): 2.1000 - Material: Stainless Steel - Major Dimension: 11.6" x 7.5" x 2" - Includes: Paring Knife, Bread Knife, Santoku Chef Knife, Soap Bottle, Cutting Board, Dish Cloth, Case with Integrated Sheaths
GSI OUTDOORS Infinity 4 Person Deluxe Tableset
The Infinity 4 Person Deluxe Tableset consists of completely recyclable, BPA-Free polypropylene that won't absorb odors or leak chemicals into your food. This set includes 4 nesting bowls, 4 insulated mugs with Sip-It lids, 4 large plates, and it all comes in a compact mesh stuff sack. Complete destination camping tableware system that includes 4 bowls with lids, 4 insulated mugs, 4 drinking glasses, 4 full-sized plates and a mesh stuff sack - Bowls include sealable lids for easy storage of leftovers - Clean and green construction is non-leaching and 100% recyclable - Unique mugs include insulated EVA sleeves and Sip-It Lids to keep beverages hot and prevent spills - Weight (lbs): 3.3100 - Material: Clear Polypropylene - Includes: 4 9" Plates, 4 6" Bowls w/ Lids, 4 17 fl. oz. Mugs w/ Insulated Sleeves, 4 Sip-It Tops, 4 12 fl. oz. Glasses, Mesh Stuff Sack
MSR Ceramic Skillet 8 in.
With its premium Fusion® ceramic nonstick surface, the Ceramic Skillet is an essential piece in any backcountry chef’s arsenal. Perfect for stir-fry, pancakes, bacon and other gourmet outdoor fare, this light, hard-anodized aluminum skillet keeps meal clean-up hassle-free. Cook freely knowing our durable Fusion ceramic stands up to abuse and is safe at high heat. The coating is also PFTE- and PFOA-free, making this tough, nonstick skillet the best choice for showcasing your culinary talents in the outdoors. Fusion® Ceramic: Ultra-durable nonstick coating handles abuse, is safe at high temperatures, and is PTFE- and PFOA-free, for superior, worry-free nonstick performance. Cook Freely: Easy clean-up makes this skillet perfect for gourmet meals on the trail. Efficient: 8-inch (20-cm) aluminum skillet disperses heat for even cooking. Includes: (1) nonstick, hard-anodized 8-inch (20-cm) aluminum skillet, (1) Talon™ pot handle.
GSI OUTDOORS Infinity 4 Person Compact Tableset
The GSI Infinity 4 Person Compact Tableset packs down small but delivers a huge dining punch that can easily satisfy 4 people. Made from BPA-Free polypropylene, this tableset represent the ultimate in ultra-compact, nesting tableware systems. - Unique footprint designed to integrate with other nFORM Crossover nesting items - Complete Lightweight tableware system includes 4 nesting bowls, 4 insulated mugs and 4 plates in an ultra-compact mesh stuff sack - Clean and green construction is non-leaching and 100% recyclable polypropylene - Unique mugs include insulated mug sleeves and Sip-It Lids to keep beverages hot and prevent spills - Weight (lbs): 1.6700 - Material: Clear Polypropylene - Includes: 4 14 fl. oz. Mugs w/ Insulated Sleeves, 4 14 fl. oz. Bowls, 4 7.5" Plates, 4 Sip-It Tops, Mesh Stuff Sack
Make 30 ounces of awesome French Press coffee and rule the morning. Built for camping and travel – but totally awesome at home, too – this JavaPress is built tough and light, cleans up fast and easy, and makes amazing coffee. The BPA-free, shatter-resistant carafe is built to take it, and a ballistics nylon cozy seals in the heat and adds protection. The patented plunger uses a specially designed silicone ring to keep stray grounds from muddying up your brew, and the insulated lid snaps tight to hold the warmth and make pouring easy. - Silicone ring plunger design virtually eliminates coffee ˜blow-by' for the most flavorful, mud-free coffee or tea. - Double-walled, insulated lid and ballistic nylon-wrapped cozy hold in temperature while brewing and serving. - BPA-Free carafe is lightweight and shatter-resistant, allowing you to enjoy French Press coffee anywhere. - Weight (lbs): 0.6400 - Material: Copolyester, Polyproplyene, Stainless steel, rPET cloth, EVA foam - Includes: 30 fl. oz. Carafe, Pour-Through Lid, Insulated Sleeve w/ Handle, Patented Plunger Mechanism - Dimensions: 4.5 in x 4.2 in x 7.7 in
Hydro Flask 16 Oz Tall Boy Cooler Cup
It’s a tallboy can cooler and it’s an insulated stainless steel pint glass. A silicone collar holds your can in place, then swaps to the bottom to switch into a 16 oz cup that keeps drinks cold or hot. Great colors. Great design. Way cool.
JetBoil JetGauge
Check the fuel level of any Jetboil canister before you leave the house with the Jetboil JetGauge. An easy-to-read digital output accurately displays a canister's fuel content, so you'll know whether new canisters are necessary for the trip. The JetGauge offers three settings to accommodate 100-gram, 230-gram, and 450-gram JetPower canisters. Plan ahead by determining how much fuel you will need for each meal using Jetboil's convenient usage guide. Although it's engineered for Jetboil canisters, the JetGauge is compatible with most isobutane/propane backpacking fuel canisters. Weighs 3 ounces. - 3 settings for weighing 100 g, 230 g and 450 g JetPower canisters - Easy to read digital output fuel levels - Convenient usage guide to help meal planning - Compatible with all isobutane/propane backpacking fuel canisters
Rome Square Pie Iron
The Original Square Pie Iron by Rome is a genuine family camping classic that has been made since the 1960s. Constructed from solid cast iron with dependable steel rods & wood handles. To use simply place two pieces of buttered bread in the clam shell style compartment and stuff with preserves, pie filling, cheese or meat. Close the lid and toast over the fire until done. Perfect for campfires or backyard firepits. Details: - Cast Iron construction - Casting measures 4.25" x 4.5" - Overall length of 28"
GSI OUTDOORS Glacier Stainless 16 oz Vacuum Tumbler
Clean and durable, made of pure 304/18-8 stainless steel, this vacuum insulated double-walled Tumbler keeps hot and cold beverage temperatures steady without burning hands or forming condensation. Ergonomic shape is comfortable in-hand and is car cupholder-friendly while convenient sip-top keeps bugs out and helps prevent sloshing. - Durable 304, 18/8 stainless steel for a lifetime of reliable use. - Vacuum insulation keeps your beverage at the optimum temperature. - Elegant press-fit lid ensures that you won't spill a drop of your favorite beverage. - Ergonomic shape and slim design for easy, effortless style. - Weight (lbs): 0.5100 - Material: Stainless Steel, Polypropylene, Silicone - Dimensions 3.4 in x 3.2 in x 5.9
JetBoil Silicone Coffee Press
Jetboil’s NEW coffee press with a silicone ring guarantees the best brew in the backcountry or steam your favorite fish and vegetables! The stem and basket detach to easily stow in your cup. This size coffee press is compatible with Jetboil Flash, MicroMo and Zip, along with 1L tall and .8L spare cups. Available in two sizes: regular and grande. - Resistant silicone ring provides secure fit to eliminate cowboy coffee by keeping excess grounds from escaping during plunging process - Durable, high-temperature plastic and micro-filter reduces sediment in the pot and provides smooth, rich flavor - Brew the best coffee at breakfast or steam fresh fish or vegetables at dinner - Stem detaches from the basket and easily stow in your cup - Compatible with: .8L & 1L Tall
Rome Pudgie Revolution 2
The latest Pie Iron cooking book by the authors of our best selling, Pudgie Revolution. More innovative recipes that break the barriers of what you think may be made in a pie iron. This book focuses on non-traditional breads and non-bread/dough recipes for your pie iron. Details: - Written by Liv Svanoe, Carrie Simon, Jared Pierce - 96 pages, full color - 6" x 8" - Softcover with spiral binding - Printed in USA using soy ink
GSI OUTDOORS Glacier Stainless Nesting Wine Glass
Made of rugged stainless steel, the Glacier Stainless Nesting Wine Glass' compactly nesting size and lightweight design goes wherever you do. The unique stem design unscrews to allow the base to be compactly snapped into the bowl for storage. - Made of rugged, virtually indestructible Glacier Stainless® steel for years of use - Durable base snaps into rim for efficient packing and storing - Stable, non-slip base grips uneven surfaces - Wine glass holds 10.8 oz. - Weight (lbs): 0.2900 - Material: Stainless Steel - Dimensions: 3 in x 3 in x 4.6
GSI OUTDOORS Glacier Stainless Stemless Wine Glass
Made of rugged stainless steel, the Glacier Stainless Stemless Wine Glass' compact size and lightweight, tip-resistant design keeps up with any party. This wine glass has a very low center of gravity for surprising stability even on rocky, unstable camp terrain or rickety camp tables. - Stemless design allows for a very low center of gravity for surprising stability even on rough terrain or rickety camp tables - Unique kickstand ring provides a secure, ergonomic grip while helping to prevent glass from tipping over - Made of rugged Glacier Stainless® steel - Weight (lbs): 0.1800 - Material: Stainless Steel
JetBoil Pot Support
Safely use your cookware on a stove with the Jetboil Pot Support. The support attaches to most Jetboil burners to accommodate Jetboil's skillet, 1.5L FluxRing cooking pot, or a variety of traditional pots and pans. Securely lock the support to the burner base with the flanges, which fold easily for storage inside Jetboil system cups. Jetboil's pot support is compatible with all Jetboil systems except the Genesis, HalfGen, Stash and MightyMo. Weighs 1.2 ounces. - The support attaches to most Jetboil burners to accommodate Jetboil's skillet, 1.5L FluxRing cooking pot, or a variety of traditional pots and pans - Folds easily for storage inside Jetboil system cups - Compatible with all Jetboil systems except the Genesis, HalfGen, Stash and MightyMo.
Three lightweight, dual-chamber modules are watertight and screw onto each other to provide you with six independent flavor options. Countdown: Three, two, one Waterproof caps and shaker modules screw together to keep spices dry and flavorful. - Twin compartment shakers include single sided dispensing screens which twist into position and remove easily for cleaning - Convenient filler cap stores below the base and makes it easy to refill any of the compartments - Clever modular design is infinitely expandable to carry any number of spices - Clear copolyester resin body is lightweight, clear and resilient - Weight (lbs): 0.1300 - Material: Copolyester - Dimensions: 1.5 in x 1.5 in x 4
GSI OUTDOORS Bugaboo 14 oz Cup
Hold your favorite beverage or measure out the ingredients for your next meal. The bright and lightweight 14 fl oz Bugaboo Cup belies strength and reliability. This ultra-lightweight camping and hiking cup made of high-grade aluminum features folding handles and stamped-in graduations. More Information - Weight (lbs): 0.0500 - Material: Anodized Aluminum - Dimensions: 3.4 in x 3.4 in x 3.6
Rome Single Pie Iron Bag
Rome Cooking Iron Canvas Storage Bag, Black, 30"L Easily transport your Rome pie irons to and from your campsite using the Rome Black Cooking Iron Canvas Storage Bag. This sturdy bag is crafted from canvas, with a dual zipper that allows it to fully open. Black, fabric handles at the top of the item keep it portable, and a white campfire image with logo in the center adds a touch of style to the piece. The 30" long bag holds 3 to 4 pie irons or roasting forks with ease, and keeps them in one convenient place for storage. Keep your outdoor cooking products organized with this Black Cooking Iron Canvas Storage Bag. Dimensions: 30"L x 10"W Construction: canvas
Eureka Butane Fuel 8 oz
Get ready to head out on any adventure with Eureka!'s Butane Fuel. This high-perfomance fuel is the perfect companion to our line of SPRK camping stoves and grills, and will keep the food flowing at your next campout. - High-Performance gas mixture leaves no residue - CRV Pressure Release Venting SAFETY System - Explosion Proof Triple-Seamed Structure
BioLite CampStove 2
Turn fire into electricity with BioLite's award-winning stove. Patented combustion technology creates a vortex of smokeless flames for a portable campfire that can cook your meals and charge your gear, all at the same time. Leave the gas canisters behind and unlock the potential of the sticks and twigs around you. - Charge phones, lights, and more with 3W of power - Updated 3,200 mAh internal battery stores power - Burn sticks, wood scraps, or pellets - Boil Time: 1L in 4.5 min - Packs down to size of a 32oz widemouth water bottle - Weight: 2.06 lbs - Bonus FlexLight with ChromaReal LED technology included to light surroundings - Boil, steep, cook, and grill with CampStove Complete Cook Kit
BioLite KettlePot
Cookware designed to meet the needs of an outdoor meal. A true grab-and-go system, the KettlePot pours like a kettle and cooks like a pot while doubling as a carrying case for the BioLite CampStove. - Stainless steel design - 1.5L Capacity - Weight: 16.4 oz
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