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SockGuy Cloudy Socks

SockGuy Cloudy Socks
This item is currently not available.


Aristotle called clouds (and the rain that fell from them) meteors, which comes from meteoros — a Greek word meaning high in the sky. And that’s why the study of clouds and weather is called meteorology. Have fun impressing your friends with that tidbit when they compliment these Hawaii blue socks with scattered baby blue clouds. You’re welcome.

Product Features:
- Mesh upper for ultimate airflow.
- Classic double-over cuff never falls down.
- Off-beat, original designs only SockGuy can provide!
- Double-stitched nylon heel & toe for durability and longevity.
- Unique Stretch-to-Fit sizing system for a perfect fit on a wide range of foot sizes.
- Ultra-wicking acrylic base with superior softness and stretch to eliminate hot spots and blisters.
- Cuff Height : 2"
- Made with : Micro-Denier Acrylic
- Style : Flat-knit; Ladies
* : S/M only

Men 5-9 9-13
Women 6-10 10-14
Euro 37-42 43-48