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Camp Kitchen

BioLite CampStove Complete Cook Kit
$179.97 $274.99 35% Off
Grill, boil, cook, and charge with this fully integrated kit. Generate electricity and create smokeless wood flames with the award-winning CampStove 2+ while cooking up your meals with the lightweight Portable Grill, KettlePot, and CoffeePress accessories. - Stove generates 3W power to charge devices - Updated 3,200 mAh internal battery stores power for when you need it - Burn sticks, wood scraps, or pellets - KettlePot stores CampStove to save pack space - Boil 1L of water in 4.5 minutes - Grilltop fits up to four burgers - FlexLight with ChromaReal LED technology included to illuminate cooktop
BioLite CampStove 2
$99.97 $159.99 38% Off
Turn fire into electricity with BioLite's award-winning stove. Patented combustion technology creates a vortex of smokeless flames for a portable campfire that can cook your meals and charge your gear, all at the same time. Leave the gas canisters behind and unlock the potential of the sticks and twigs around you. - Charge phones, lights, and more with 3W of power - Updated 3,200 mAh internal battery stores power - Burn sticks, wood scraps, or pellets - Boil Time: 1L in 4.5 min - Packs down to size of a 32oz widemouth water bottle - Weight: 2.06 lbs - Bonus FlexLight with ChromaReal LED technology included to light surroundings - Boil, steep, cook, and grill with CampStove Complete Cook Kit
BioLite CampStove Portable Grill
$44.97 $59.99 25% Off
Cook your favorite meals over wood with one of the lightest tabletop grills on the market. Transform your BioLite CampStove 2 into a wood-fired grilling surface with this seamless and fun attachment. - 55” sq. of cooking space - Fuel intake lid for fast fueling - Steel grill grate cooks up to 4 burgers - Weight: 1.88 lbs
BioLite KettlePot
$39.97 $49.99 20% Off
Cookware designed to meet the needs of an outdoor meal. A true grab-and-go system, the KettlePot pours like a kettle and cooks like a pot while doubling as a carrying case for the BioLite CampStove. - Stainless steel design - 1.5L Capacity - Weight: 16.4 oz
BioLite CoffeePress
Up your camp coffee game with this latest KettlePot accessory. Brew up to 6 cups at a time with this BPA-free, french-press style tool, allowing you to caffeinate the whole crew in one session. Easy-pull handle unscrews for packability inside the KettlePot. KettlePot sold separately. - Designed for use with KettlePot - Stainless Steel and BPA Free - Weight: 2.8 oz
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