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FITS Pro Ski OTC F2071

FITS Pro Ski OTC F2071
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Howl recommends the Light Ski and Pro Ski for an alpine ski boot sock. A medium weight also works depending on how tight the boots are, but with ski boots--and any boots for that matter--packing the inside of the boot with sock does not allow warm air to travel between the ankle and the toes, so too tight is not warm! A light ski sock worn alone, gives the best performance and the best warmth, in our opinion. And it is below zero for entire ski days here in the Lake Superior Country, so we do have some experience. Leaving room for stick-on heat packs is another bonus of light socks.

Here is what Fits says about them:

The Pro Ski is made for the skier who prefers a padded shin and a more secure heel. The cushioning in the heel helps by adding some padding/comfort while reducing the risk of “heel lift” — if your boots have “packed out” in the heel and some volume is needed, these are the socks for you.

Engineered using FITS’s Full Contact Fit®.
Dynamic Toe Cup® contours to the shape of your foot.
Heel Lock® provides heel security that limits the chances of a blister when combined with a properly fit boot.
Over-the-calf length falls just below the knee.
Super-fine Merino Wool 57%
Nylon 32%
Polyester 8%
Lycra 3%


Fits Pro Ski Socks

Our friend, Mike, who has come up for many Applefests. Fits is a great company and we have worn them since 2009.