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EXPED Widget - Electric Pump

EXPED Widget - Electric Pump
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The Exped Widget is a sleeping mat pump compact enough to tuck in to the corner of a backpack, yet powerful enough to rapidly inflate multiple, high-volume sleeping mats. In addition, it is equipped with a bright camping lamp and an integrated powerbank for charging devices. The built-in handle eases carrying around camp and allows the Widget to be suspended in a tent, from a branch or overhead cord.

The Widget can inflate EXPED’s giant MegaMat Duo LW in 4 minutes and do so up to 4 times. A fully charged Widget will easily inflate a pair of EXPED’s backpacking mats for over a week of adventuring in the wilds. In lamp mode, a fully charged Widget will illuminate camp for up to 72 hours at the low power setting. The 3600 mAh powerbank, when fully charged, provides at least one phone charge. (Note: like all battery-powered devices, cold temperatures will reduce operating performance).


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