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EXPED Outer Space III

EXPED Outer Space III
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Outer Space III is a shape-shifting, multi-mode, take-anywhere tent for 3 people with enough vestibule space for a party. Multiple set-up and deployment modes allow Outer Space to adapt to changing conditions and personal preferences for optimal comfort.

A giant, pole-supported front vestibule easily shelters 3 people in camp chairs, a lightweight table and backpacks. Exostructure poles (poles on outside of fly) guarantee a rapid and dry set-up. The inner tent can remain attached to the fly when stowed, greatly shortening the teardown time in camp.

The fly can easily be set up on its own, without the inner tent, or combined with a footprint for lightweight trips. A rear, awning-style vestibule offers additional covered space and access. Party Mode™? is made possible by the exostructure pole configuration, allowing the inner tent to be temporarily disconnected and pushed aside. Invite the neighbors for a tea party, regardless of the weather! Multiple chairs fit comfortably under the steep-walled fly-only shelter.

Person Capacity: 2 - 3 People
Min. Weight: 6.8 lb
Dimensions: 84.6 x 59.1 in
Max. Weight: 7.3 lb
Canopy area: 34.4 ft2
Packed Dimensions: 22 x 9.1 in
Vestibule area: 40.9 ft2
Space for: 2 LW, 1 Duo Exped-Sleepingmats
Inner height: 55.1 in


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