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Trail Walking Snowshoes

Crescent Moon Vail 24.5 - Women's Trail
Try out these snowshoes at Howl!!! Womens trail snowshoes should be different than men’s. For that matter, any model of women’s snowshoes should reflect the fact that women are smaller and have shorter, more narrow strides. Did you also know that Crescent Moon was the first to make a series of snowshoes for women, designed by a woman, who also happens to be the co-founder of the company? The Gold 13 Trail is for women up to 165lbs and foot sizes less than 12 (W). It’s lightweight, very easy to maneuver and features a binding system so well designed and functional it has been recognized as the “best” snowshoe on the market by most outside magazines at some point during the last 22 years Crescent Moon has been making it. That’s one small step for women, one giant snowshoe leap for women-kind. The Gold 13 features a frame which has been bent with a very steep nose and tapered tail. Because of this unique teardrop shape, with each step, the shoes will clear away from themselves within the distance of your own natural stride without forcing you to adapt a new walking style, like traditionally shaped snowshoes do. The Gold 13’s are exceptionally responsive, lightweight, and comfortable on any trail.
Crescent Moon EVA Foam Snowshoes
$139.98 $179.99 22% Off
Award winning snowshoes you can try out at Howl. EVA Snowshoes are the intuitive alternative to awkward-clunky-traditional snowshoes. The Eva has a teardrop shape perfect for packed trails. Eva snowshoes are highly recommended for trails and in packed powder conditions and offer a more comfortable and quiet snowshoeing. They're recommended snowshoes for beginners, as well as snowshoe runners and day hikers. Even if you only get out a few times this winter, they're worth having in the trunk of your car for those moments where you want to get rid of some stress in the great outdoors. They're perfect for that. experience than a comparably sized traditional snowshoe. They're a great first, or second, pair of snowshoes. They make great gifts too. Awards + OUTDOOR RETAILER INNOVATION AWARD BEST SNOWSHOES OF 2019 – BEST EVERYDAY SNOWSHOE. + TREELINE REVEIW'S 2019 EDITOR’S CHOICE AWARD + OUTSIDE MAGAZINE'S BEST SNOWSHOES OF 2018 + MEN'S JOURNAL GEAR OF THE YEAR 2017 + WINNER OF 7 BEST/GEAR OF THE SHOW AWARDS AT THE OUTDOOR RETAILER SHOW "Rocker at the tip and tail provide an effortless float when walking and even running. After a while, we forgot we were wearing them at all." – Outside Magazine "The unique rocker shape does away with the binding hinge found on other snowshoes. The curve not only supports the natural stepping motion, but the foam material is malleable and responds more like a running shoe than a traditional snowshoe." – Gear Junkie
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