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Backcountry Snowshoes

Crescent Moon Leadville 29 W Backcountry
Try these out at Howl!! Designed by a woman, for women, who hike like women. Womens backcountry snowshoes are slightly smaller than mens backcountry snowshoes, weigh less, and are therefore easier to maneuver off trail. The Leadville 29 (previously Gold 15) is specifically designed to accommodate a shorter, more narrow stride and makes carrying a pack easier and more comfortable. Even if you’re carrying the wine and cheese for the rest of the she-pack, you’ll appreciate the unique design that makes it easier to hike and besides that, if you get there first, you get first choice on the precious contents of that knapsack on your back. The exaggerated tear drop shape allows your feet to pass by each other without causing you to change the way you normally walk. This simple adjustment to the frame shape makes your hips happy and allows you to focus on the outdoors and your time on the backcountry.
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