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EXPED Down Sock
For many, cold feet in a sleeping bag are a common occurrence, especially on snow camping trips. A pair of EXPED Down Socks essentially adds little heat-traps to the foot section of any sleeping bag, by wrapping each foot in its own, close-fitting down insulation. We recommend stowing Down Socks with the sleeping bag so they are right at hand (foot) when camp is set up. Weighing in at less than 5 ounces for the pair in size medium, they are easy-to-justify enhancements for any sleeping bag. These are, for many people, the answer in the affirmative to the question “will I ever have warm feet on a camping trip?” Down Socks are made with five individual down-filled chambers that prevent cold spots. The special toe box keeps the down in place at this most sensitive spot. An elastic heel band and cuff hold the foot snug. Available in three sizes: small, medium and large to fit nearly anyone. Note: Down Sock is not designed for walking. While they can be worn in a tent while lounging around on a weather-day, their lightweight sole is not durable enough for shuffling. They can, however, be paired with the EXPED Bivy Booty for walking. Weight S: 4.1 oz M: 4.2 oz L: 4.6 oz Feet length S: 10 in M: 10.8 in L: 11.6 in
EXPED Camp Booty
This is EXPED’s go-anywhere insulated booty. Because of the synthetic insulation and 30-denier nylon shell, Camp Booty is quick to dry. The high, elastic-topped ankle section keeps snow out when post-holing in soft, deep snow around camp. An integrated elastic heel strap maintains a snug fit at the ankle, and an anti-slip, environmentally friendly, recycled TPU outer sole and rand minimize the slip-and-slide in the snow kitchen. A midsole of EVA closed-cell foam insulates and cushions the bottom of the foot from the cold, hard ground. We’ve used these on winter mountaineering outings, hut trips and ski tours, but they work equally well on paddling and backpacking trips in cooler weather. Adventures in the wild require all sorts of specialized footwear, from technical mountain boots to neoprene kayaking booties and trail shoes. One thing these fine pieces of footwear have in common is that at the end of the day it feels great to take them off. And the antidote for sore, tired and cold feet is Camp Booty.
EXPED Camp Slipper
At the end of a day of adventure, there’s some shuffling about to be done; in a mountain hut, on the granite slabs around camp or the kitchen at home. The same is true for cool mornings. Lightweight and compact Camp Slipper is built for these times. With a slip-proof, environmentally friendly, recycled TPU outer sole and rand the shuffling can be confident and secure. Closed-cell foam in the midsole provides padding against hard objects. Synthetic polyester insulation is warm and a 30-denier nylon upper is durable and both are quick drying. At just under 5 ounces in a size medium, Camp Slipper is very lightweight for the warmth and comfort provided. It also packs very small and flat, so there are few times when they are left at home. Because of the low-top slipper design, it isn’t the right choice for camping in deep snow (see Camp Booty instead), but for just about everything else it provides the right amount of warmth and comfort for feet that have been in boots all day long.
EXPED Ultra Pillow
The Ultra Pillow is an ultra-light and ultra-compact pillow for any adventure where weight, small pack size and comfort are important. The anatomical shape keeps the head in place and, together with the all-new, recycled and super comfortable 20 D stretch fabric, ensures a restful sleep. In addition, the pillow can be adjusted in height by deflating it. With convenient fabric eyelets on the sides, this sleeping companion can also be attached to a mat. With the help of the practical FlatValve, the Ultra Pillow is quickly inflated and also quickly packed again the next morning. Dimensions M: 15 x 10.6 x 3.9 in L: 18.1 x 11.8 x 4.7 in Weight M: 1.8 oz L: 2.3 oz
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