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Morning Dew Bike Route

Morning Dew

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Trail Length:

7.5 Miles

Trail Difficulty:

Easy to Moderate, but can be sandy

About This Trail

This fat bike route follows forest roads that are numbered in the Chequamegon National Forest between Cornucopia and Washburn.  The surface varies from a little pavement to gravel to sand.  During dry periods and much of the summer, the sand can be soft, so fat bikes are recommended, but anything besides road bikes will work.  There is a small lake about half way.  This trail is in an area that is completely wild, like much of the center of the Bayfield Peninsula.  It is mostly pines and expect to have very little traffic.

Staff Comments:

Back in our Wolfsong Days, this was a great area for running sled dogs in December.  The roads are easy to navigate, quiet, and beautiful.  And it snows here before anywhere else.

Staff Comments:

This was one of our favorite group rides because it is easy to get to, everyone can do it and we hardly ever see anyone out there.

Tira, the Bike Dog, says:

This is my kind of trail!  I can run alongside and probably won't see anyone else.  But Phil is still worried about me and once in a while we see a truck or ATV, so I have to be under control

Staff Comments:

This is on the northern edge of an area called "The Barrens" which are dry and piney.  This stretch may grow blueberries!

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