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Jerry Jolly Trail

Jerry Jolly Trail

Short Jolly Hike pdf for Reader or Avenza
Jolly/Ashwabay System pdf

Trail Length:

1.5 Miles to the bridge and back, but connects with Ashwabay Trail System

Trail Difficulty:

Dirt surface, one steep hill, shorter hike without the big hill

About this Trail

This is one of our favorite short hikes, and it connects with the Ashwabay system for a longer hike.  The short hike is about a half hour, goes down a big hill to Pikes Creek, along the creek for a while and to a bridge, which is a good place to turn around for a 1/2 hour hike.  This is a great through hike if we put a shuttle at Ashwabay (3 miles)  To the top of Ashwabay and back would be about 7 miles. Pikes Creek usually runs clear and has coho salmon in fall and steelhead runs in spring as well as native brook trout.

Jerry Jolly loved this place and left it to all of us to enjoy!

Staff Comments:

We like this trail when it is windy and cold because it has great pine cover and feels cozy.

Tira, the Shop Dog, says:

I can go along on this trail if I am on my leash and once in a while I meet another dog, but it is nice and quiet.

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