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Houghton Falls Trail

Houghton Falls

PDF Map for Reader or Avenza

Trail Length:

1.3 miles out and back

Trail Difficulty:

Moderate to easy

About This Trail

Houghton Falls Trail is probably the most popular trail in the area.  It is a favorite of locals and is heavily recommended to guests.  But it is heavily traveled and the rules are stricter than other places to keep impacts to neighbors limited.  It is short with some climbing and can be slippery in winter but is usually packed hard.  The trail follows a creek down to the Lake.  Access to the Lake is limited to the warm season and is wading and swimming only.  There is often a dangerous crack here so winter ice access is not usually safe.

Staff Comments:

This is an easy trail to access and we hike it a lot.  The parking lot has a gate that closes each evening, so don't get caught there after hours!

Staff Comments:

In the winter it gets packed hard so it is walkable with some Stabilicers.

Tira, the Shop Dog, says:

There are a lot of rules and I can't run at all, so I would rather go somewhere else.  But still, any walk is a good walk!

Staff Comments:

The shoreline here is fun to wade when the Lake is not too rough, but not for little kids

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