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DIY Golf Course Loop Hike

Golf Course Hike from Howl

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Trail Length: 

3 miles

Trail Difficulty:

Moderate climb, 476'

Surface--paved roads

About This Trail

Do-It-Yourself side of quiet road hike starts either at Howl or anywhere in Bayfield. You'll get a spectacular view out over Madeline and Long Islands and Chequamegon Bay, all paved.
About 1/4 mile on the side of Highway 13 with a wide shoulder and bike lane.
Along the side of the pavement on Cty J for 1/4 mile, where many people walk.
The rest of the loop is very quiet residential roads that wind up through the Apostle Highlands Golf Course. A small section is on a private road that allows access. Please respect traffic on the roads so the private section remains open to the public.

Trail Map

Staff Comments:

This is our favorite staff meeting hike.  Good climb from Howl, great view from the top, simple, paved.

Tira, the Shop Dog, says:

I can go along on this trail if I am on my leash...and I feel ridiculous in these glasses.

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