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Birkie (Birkebeiner) Trail

Birkie Trails

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The famed Birkie Trail. The trailhead at OO is a favorite.

The total climb on the Birkie Skate Course from the start line at Telemark to the finish line in Hayward (north to south) is 1,398 meters. The Birkie Classic Course’s total climb from the start line to the finish line is 21 meters less or 1,379 meters.

The Birkie Classic Trail which ends at OO has a total climb of 727 meters compared to the Birkie Trail’s total climb of 729 meters to that point. See chart to right for elevation break down.

Staff Comments:

It is wide, perfectly groomed, hilly, and full of history and racers. Fun place to catch some Birkie Fever.

Tira Says:

I am not allowed here. :(

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