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Big Ravine Trail

Big Ravine Trail

PDF Trail Map for Reader or Avenza

Trail Length:

4 miles (loop)

Trail Difficulty:


About This Trail

While this trail starts in town, it is wild, beautiful and climbs for most of the first 2 miles, with a 2 mile return on the side of some quiet roads.  It is usable most of the year, even with some snow, although traction aids are recommended in winter.  Early spring it is wet and likely closed but just for a few weeks after breakup.  It is newly built and more trails are being added to it all the time.  It is well marked with trail maps along the route. 

Staff Comments:

Waterfalls!  Lots of small ones.

Staff Comments:

This trail was our Thanksgiving Day turkey walk.  It is a great workout and goes through a stunning hemlock forest and creek.

Tira, the Shop Dog, says:

This trail is narrow and difficult and I have to be on my leash all the time and will meet other people and dogs.

Staff Comments:

This ravine has a long history.  It runs into town and helped the great flood of 1928 bury the town

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